• ecoConnect organisers with Vince Cable MP


    ecoConnect organisers with Vince Cable MP

RHI debate event to take place in London
By Editor | 20 Mar, 2014
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ecoConnect will be hosting a Green in the City Forum on 27 March , 6-9pm titled: 'Is the extension of RHI the key to meeting renewable energy targets

The heat used in homes, public buildings, businesses and factories is responsible for around 50% of all energy consumed in the UK. Over 80% of this heat is produced by burning fossil fuels, while over a third of the UK's carbon emissions come from the energy used to produce heat.

DECC has stated that ‘Increasing renewable heat is key to the UK meeting its renewable energy targets, reducing carbon emissions, ensuring energy security and helping to build a low carbon economy.’ The RHI was launched in November 2011 for the non-domestic sector with the extension into the domestic sector planned for 2012.The Domestic RHI scheme will provide funding for domestic consumers wishing to replace their current heating system with a supported renewable heat technology (broadly heat pumps, biomass, solar).

However, implementation has been delayed until 2014 and, according toDECC̢۪s latest update, uptake of key technologies has been low and the total heat generated in 2013/4 will be only a third of what was expected.

Debating the Impact of RHI  will be our Expert Panel:

  • Egan Archer, Development Manager, Equitix Ltd
  • Dave Sowden, Chief Executive, Sustainable Energy Association
  • ​​ Sarah Redwood, ​ Head of Domestic RHI, DECC
  • Anthony Morgan, ​ Chief Executive, Newform Energy
  • Moderated by Michael Ware, Partner, BDO LLP
  • What lessons can be learnt from legislation in place and experiences in the non-domestic sector?
  • Have delays in implementation damaged investment in the renewable heat sector and will they compromise the effectiveness of the scheme?
  • Will the complexities of the tariff system and the payback periods act as a barrier to adoption?
  • Are all key technologies being equally supported or will RHI become a ‘winner takes-all’ scenario?
  • Can RHI be used to drive the adoption of Smart Metering?
  • Is enough being done to encourage consumer information and trust in the domestic sector or could this be another Green Deal in the making?
  • Does the RHI address fuel poverty in its current incarnation

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