• Insulation completed by abseil


    Insulation completed by abseil

Camden Council will insulate all cavity wall homes by 2013
By editor | 03 Jul, 2012
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Camden Council will insulate the cavity walls of all tenant’s properties by the end of this year.It has already completed roughly half of the 13,659 homes with cavity walls and now has 5,606 to insulate by 2013.

The works form part of the council’s sustainable housing commitment, which in turn is key to its 2011-2020 environmental plan. It aims to make warmth affordable for all council tenants and leaseholders, improve the energy efficiency of council properties and help residents reduce their carbon footprint.

The council has been experimental in its approach to upgrading its housing stock. In 2009 it was the first local authority to use abseiling rather than costly scaffolding to insulate homes. This has been especially helpful when working on buildings such as tower blocks. 1,726 high-rise homes are currently having insulation work carried out by this method. The first homes to have been insulated in this way were in a Holborn tower block; residents in two-bedroom flats are estimated to have saved Ă‚ÂŁ100 annually and 04.kg CO2.

Once all homes have been insualted an estimated 5429 tonnes of carbon should be saved each year.

Camden Council Cabinet member for housing, councillor Julian Fulbrook, said: "This initiative allows us to reduce the 35 per cent of heat that is lost through the walls of a property, so that our residents’ heating bills are reduced. I know from talking to residents that they care about the environment as well as saving money on their heating bills, so this is great news for them."

The council is looking at ways to treat homes with solid wall construction also, either by internal or external insulation depending on planning restrictions.




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